Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager

Creative Solutions for Creative People!

This is the tagline for my company because I adore helping creative individuals and businesses improve their way of working. In the daily running of organisations, I work as a Virtual Assistant, while my other role is Workflow Manager. As a Workflow Manager I specialise in helping people develop workflows, processes, systems and procedures that maximise efficiency. Inefficient systems and processes waste time, cost money, and impact your bottom line. To help you I assess, develop, create, manage, and maintain workflows.

Books Haphazardly Stacked

Find your way through the stacks with a Workflow Manager.
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My ethos is to work with you so that we integrate systems into how you work. Processes can only be successfully implemented if you are not forced to try and squish into a box. You need a workflow that works for you! By working creatively, I provide solutions that you might not have thought of or didn’t even know existed, and best of all, they will be tailor-made for you, how you work, and your specific needs.

Workflow Review

If you need a review of your whole workflow, problem areas within your business, or simply an external eye offering a second opinion I have the perfect service for you.

We can have a two to three hour meeting where we discuss your processes and working methods, after which I will give you suggestions and ideas for how to improve and automate your systems. I can then provide a no-obligation offer for any or all of the options suggested or you can take the plan and work through it yourself at your leisure. This investment into your business costs €300 plus BTW.

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